9 Unique Cricket Gifts For Your Loved One

We all have at least one person in our life who is absolutely obsessed with cricket! Sometimes, they’re our friends, partners, or children. So naturally, when their birthday or any other event comes around, a cricket-related gift is the first thing that comes to mind! It’s a sure-fire way to win over their hearts and put a smile on their face.

Whether you’re shopping for something big or small, I’ve taken the liberty to include everything in this list! There are some that could be of direct use to cricketers and some that avid cricket fans would love. Whatever the age of the person you’re shopping for, I’ve included gift suggestions for just about everyone!

I know how stressful searching for gifts can be sometimes, so let’s not waste any more time and dive right into it!

Cricket Theme Cufflinks

This quirky gift is the perfect choice for a friend, father, partner, or even a boss! It is sophisticated but also shows personality. If your loved one is someone who likes putting in a little bit of effort into their appearance, this gift could add a fun element to their ensemble. The best part is that it’s a suitable gift for just about every occasion; holidays, birthdays, special events, and more!

There are several cricket cufflink designs on Amazon. They are made from different materials and come in a range of colors. Although this may seem to be an expensive gift, many come in reasonable price ranges as well! Click here to check them out on Amazon!

Cricket Table Clock

This cricket theme table clock is a great practical addition to any cricket lover’s life! You can even use it as a gag gift for someone who tends to be “fashionably late” all the time. Just write a note with the package and you can make them laugh a little on their special day!

Furthermore, this clock can even be used as a fancy desk item. So, if you’re scrambling to find a gift for a colleague or a boss and don’t know much about them apart from the fact that they like cricket, this is definitely an appropriate item to gift!

If you’d like to see more details about this product, click here to see it on Amazon!

Personalized Caricature Cutout of Indian Cricket Player

If you’re raising a young one who idolizes cricketers or are friends with someone who dreams of playing for the Indian cricket team, you might just make their day with this one!

This item here is my personal favorite because of how creative and personalized it is! What they do is that they print your loved one’s face on a small, nine-inch wooden cut-out of an Indian cricket player. It is a unique product that would be an excellent source of motivation for aspiring cricketers. It is guaranteed to put a smile on your loved one’s face.

Click here to check the price of this personalized caricature.

Cricket Coffee Mug

This cute ceramic coffee mug is a great gift for a cricket-loving friend. Staying true to the classic Chumbak design, this mug is covered in witty remarks about cricket and colorful pictures that won’t fail to catch your eye! If your friend is someone who enjoys joking around, this may right up their alley. You can never go wrong with a coffee mug!

Moreover, this Chumbak coffee mug has high ratings on Amazon. If you’d like to check it out on Amazon, click here.

Cricket Clothing

You can rest assured that this gift will make any passionate cricket player happy! Cricketers tend to go through many practice clothes due to the taxing and physical nature of the sport. Since clothes are easily ruined, gifts like these become all the more precious. If you know the your loved one’s preferences, you can go ahead and pick out according to their tastes.

On the other hand, if you’re not sure what they would like, there’s no need to fret! You can simply get them something in white. Cricket clothes in white are the most popular and go well in almost every context. Another factor to consider is whether you’d want to gift a long-sleeved shirt like this or a short-sleeved shirt like this.

Cricket clothing is available in a wide range of prices so I’m sure you will be able to find a piece within your budget!

Cricket Wall Sticker & Decal

This is the perfect gift for people who are just moving into a new house or enjoy decorating their living space. It would certainly be a unique housewarming gift. It adds a touch of personality to your walls without looking like too much. It also has an easy application process. It is decent enough to suit office spaces as well.

If you would like to know more about this wall sticker, click here to check it out on Amazon.

Cricket Keychain

The best part about this trinket is that it can be paired with just about any other item for any occasion! If you’re planning on gifting a collection of little goodies instead of one big item, a keychain would easily fit in.

Your loved one would be able to carry it everywhere with them. They can be hung on backpacks, bags, mobile cases, room keys, door keys, car keys, and more! It’s a useful gift that any cricket lover would appreciate.

There is quite a diverse collection available on Amazon for you to browse through. Whether you’re looking for brass, silver-coated, or colored, everything is available as an option for you to go through. Click here to check them out!

Cricket Poster

You can never go wrong with a poster! Getting your loved one a poster of their favorite cricketer is a great way to show that you know them well.

Alternatively, you can also give your cricketer friend a poster of an inspiring quote said by their role model to always cheer them on their journey. It can be used to fill up an empty wall or even the side of a cupboard. It can be accommodated in almost any space.

It is an incredibly versatile gift that can be adapted to anyone’s needs. Just like the previous item, a cricket poster too can fit into just about any collection of gifts! Click here to explore the poster options available on Amazon.

Cricket Ball Collapsible Water Bottle

Last but not least, the collapsible cricket ball water bottle is especially suitable if you’re shopping for your cricket-loving child! It’s a gift that is just as useful as it is adorable. It would lessen the burden on your child due to it being lightweight and compact.

I’m positive that your child will excitedly carry it to all their activities and show it off to their friends. It was made with exactly that purpose in mind. It is certainly a unique item to gift someone!

It comes in both white and red colors. Click here to see more details about this product on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

With that, we’ve finally come to the end of this list! There are still many more options that you can choose from: cricket match tickets, cricket bags, cricket bats, and more. This may be obvious but remember that the best way to figure out what to gift is by considering what they would like!

I hope this article was at least a little bit helpful. With that being said, I wish you all the best with finding a gift for the cricket lover in your life!

Revathi T

Revathi is an avid cricket fan. Some of her warmest memories involve watching cricket with her family and screaming at the television in unison. Nowadays, she channels those positive vibes into her writing and strives to help people by sharing the niche knowledge that she has gained over the years.

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