Welcome to Street Smart Cricket! We are a bunch of cricket enthusiasts who want to help people by sharing our cricketing knowledge. We created this website to improve your knowledge and skills in the gentleman’s game.

About Us – Meet The Street Smart Cricket Team

Ashwin Joy

Ashwin Joy

Hi, My name is Ashwin Joy, and I’m the chief editor at Street Smart Cricket. I’m a huge fan of the sport, and I live in a cricket-crazy place, specifically in Kerala, India.

I’m a right-arm fast bowler and left-hand batsman and have played the game till the university-level. I do play street cricket with my friends whenever we get some free time.

Sadly, I can only bowl spin here in my street because fast bowling is not allowed here. It’s not MCC or ICC, but we define the rules of street cricket. However, I enjoy bowling googlies and off-spin against my friends. 

One of my friends clicked this picture when I stepped out and hit a six over long-on. You can see a small dot up in the sky. That’s the ball going towards the top of the roof (not the roof of the ground, it’s the roof of my house).

I always try not to miss any live cricket matches, especially when the Men In Blue is playing. I root for Team India in international cricket and Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL. My all-time favorite cricket player is “The Great Wall Of India”, Rahul Dravid.

I created this website to help young cricketers learn more about the sport. Hopefully, this site will help people to gain more knowledge and become smart cricketers.

Revathi T

Revathi T

Hi, I’m Revathi. I live in Hyderabad, India. I’m a psychology graduate with a passion for writing and proficiency in internet-research.

Growing up, I was an avid cricket fan. Some of my warmest memories involve watching cricket with my family and screaming at the tv in unison whenever the ball goes up into the air.

Nowadays, I channel those positive vibes into my writing and strive to help people by sharing the niche knowledge that I’ve accumulated over the years.

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Aditya Shenoy

Hi, I’m Aditya Shenoy, an enthusiastic youngster and engineering student from Mumbai, India. I’m heavily into indie and rock music and play the keyboard myself. Being an avid reader, I boast a large collection of books at my place.

I’m a big-time cricket enthusiast, and I love watching, playing, and talking about cricket. A right-arm off-spin bowler myself, my connection with cricket is a decade long.

I consider Sachin Tendulkar and Muttiah Muralitharan as my absolute favorites and reveres them almost like gods. Now while I can’t find the space or the time to actually play cricket, I’m instead channeling my love for cricket by writing for Street Smart Cricket.

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Aashina Arora

Aashina Arora

Hi, I am Aashina Arora, a software developer from New Delhi, India. I have been writing articles for the past few years. Also, classically trained in Indian Vocals.

I am a sports enthusiast, have been a national lawn tennis player, but after that, I developed an interest in Cricket. I participated in matches at the college level as well.

A huge cricket fan and now just want to share my enthusiasm and indulge my experience by writing articles in a unique and creative way.

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