Best Cricket Bats Under 2000 Rs In India

Ever been in a situation where you come to the ground, in high spirits, ready to smash the opposition with fours and sixes only to find your beloved bat give up on you?

A loose handle, a chipped piece, or a vibrating crack is the last thing you need when you’re just minutes away from victory. Why take the risk when you can choose a bat that you can rely on and witness the numbers on the scoreboard soar sky-high!

Whether you’re playing street cricket, school/college/club cricket, or selection matches for higher levels, you need a bat that is reliable yet long-lasting, powerful yet light, easy to balance yet classy, and most importantly, affordable. Now, that’s a LOT of criteria.

Who has the time for that research when you can spend all that time playing cricket? And that’s even more reason to read on.

I’ve researched and compared different items exhaustively so that you get to choose from the best and get a bat that fits the bill. The result – a list of top 6 bats under Rs. 2000 to help YOU become the next Master Blaster. What’s more? 

I’ll tell you what my personal favorite cricket bat is at the end of this article. You don’t have to scour the internet to buy them. Conveniently click on the Amazon links that we’ve provided!

Let’s dive right in.

SS Custom English Willow

Who wouldn’t want an English Willow? The SS Custom is chunky, and at the same time, lightweight, making way for powerful strokes and finer shots. With a wide range of designs available, you can choose the one that suits you the best. The special Aqua Grip handle makes it super easy to maneuver. Definitely worth every buck!


  • Grade 6 bat
  • English Willow
  • Lightweight blade
  • Compatible with tennis ball as well as leather ball
  • Special Aqua Grip handle

Amazon Star Rating: 4/5

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Protoner WSG ROCK Kashmir Willow

This bat is the only thing that really comes close to being as powerful as Thor’s hammer. The Protoner ROCK prides itself on being a chunky, bulgy bat that power hitters will fall in love with.

Created by joining two clefts together, this bat is 4 inches thick! The fiber-taped blade surface protects the bat from wear and tear, ensuring a long life, a sure-shot for quick centuries.


  • Grade 5 bat
  • Made by joining 2 clefts
  • Thickness of 4 inches
  • Short handle allows powerful shots with minimum effort
  • Fiber taped
  • Bat cover included in the package

Amazon Start Rating: 5/5

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SS T20 STORM Kashmir Willow

Another beauty by SUNRIDGES (SS); this Grade 4 bat has the perfect dimensions for tennis as well as leather ball play. What’s great about the T20 Storm is that it comes fully knocked, so you don’t have to knock it yourself.

If I may also add, I have used this bat personally and can vouch for its extreme reliability. In fact, this bat is so popular that it has the notorious distinction of being sold out in most retail outlets. You should definitely grab this one before it sells out on Amazon too!


  • Grade 4 bat
  • Air-dried willow
  • Already knocked by the manufacturer
  • Short handle for easy handling
  • Bat cover included in the package

Amazon Star Rating: 4.5/5

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DSC CONDOR SCUD Kashmir Willow

A Harrow size bat with a sweet spot at the lower end of the blade, the DSC CONDOR Scud works great for season ball cricket. Made from the best quality Kashmir willow, it has cross wave tape on the neck for added protection against chipping.

The extra-wide blade provides the batsman with a monstrous hitting area. A key addition to all these features is the toe guard at the bottom for protection from moisture on the pitch. If you’re working your way up the ladder and trying to get into the bigger league, this bat will definitely get you there.


  • Grade 5 bat
  • Top-quality Kashmir willow
  • Extended Power Zone for a huge hitting surface
  • Neck protection with cross wave tape
  • Toe guard for moisture protection

Amazon Start Rating: 4/5

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SG SIERRA PLUS Kashmir Willow

The SG Sierra Plus is a gem of a bat with its super lightweight. It can prove to be the best friend for a beginner. It takes a couple of games to bring out the best stroke and get the real feel that this bat offers.

Its specialty lies in its handle, which has a special three-way insertion of ply rubber in between the splits. This greatly enhances the flexibility of movement and absorbs any shock during stroke play. If you’ve just begun your cricket journey, we tell you, this is the one.


  • Grade 5 bat
  • Nine clearly visible grains on the blade
  • Singapore cane handle with three-ply rubber inserts for shock absorption
  • Super lightweight
  • Bat cover included in the package

Amazon Star Rating: 4.5/5

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With a rather unconventional look, the British company, Gray-Nicolls, presents this boon for front-foot players. The low blade zone allows you to flawlessly hit those boundaries proving the bat true to its name – POWERBROW.

The oval-shaped handle gives extra comfort and control. The makers of this bat certainly put a lot of thought and innovation behind its design to deliver a top-class product. Definitely, it is the number one bat for an aggressive player who knows his strokes.


  • Full low blade profile makes it the perfect match for front foot hitters
  • A semi-oval handle provides extra comfort and control
  • Zone Pro Grip for better feel and control through the shot
  • Fiber front on the blade
  • Bat cover included with the package

Amazon Star Rating: 4.5/5

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I really hope you found our list helpful. But HOLD ON! Don’t click away just yet. We have a bonus recommendation for you! This one is for the batsmen who can stretch their budget just a tiiiny bit.

So here it is, our special bonus recommendation:


This masterpiece by Gunn & Moore has everything a batsman will ever need. You name it, it’s got it: a knocked blade for protection making it ready to play as soon as it is unboxed, and a toe guard to reduce damage and offer protection from damp pitches.

Handcrafted to perfection for maximum stability and power, the thick edges and a short handle make it super smooth to maneuver. You should certainly add this to your Amazon wish list and look out for festive offers or stock clearance offers for great discounts.


  • Grade 1 bat
  • Knocked and ready to use
  • Toe guard for moisture protection
  • Handcrafted to perfect dimensions
  • Bat cover included with the package

Amazon Star Rating: 5/5

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My Personal Favorite Bat

All these 6 cricket bats are awesome. I wish I could buy all of these. But, that’s not possible for most of us. We have to pick one. If you have already picked your choice, then that’s great. Go ahead with that.

I’ll tell you what my personal favorite is from this list. Click here to check out the cricket bat that I would have chosen if I were buying a cricket bat under 2000 rupees.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve gone through our recommendations, we hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. More importantly, we hope you found it useful in making a well-informed decision.

Whichever bat you choose, we hope that it proves to be your true companion in every match. Cheers and happy cricketing!

Aditya Shenoy

Aditya is a big-time cricket enthusiast. He loves watching, playing, and talking about cricket. A right-arm off-spin bowler himself, his connection with cricket is a decade long. Now while he can’t find the space or the time to play cricket, he is instead channeling his love for cricket by writing for this website.

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